This is the threat. British nationalism. Not Scottish nationalism. In the city that voted Yes. Back to this kind of Glasgow. Nazi salutes and chants about the famine. 

Stabbing of a Yes voter, scuffles with the police, nazi salutes, fascism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, Saltire burning and young women being terrorised on the street. To think Wednesday night the same square was full of families, hope and laughter. These are the brave guardians of our United Kingdom! Better together eh? Not with you lot.

Scotland’s Shame.


Friends if you are around tonight, be safe. Glasgow City centre is not safe.

"Glasgow deserves to burn for voting Yes" is a quote from one of these guys, which is fun.


What are these No scum even getting up in arms for?! They got their way in the referendum. Nationalistic loyalist fascists just want any excuse to start violence. Fucking savages.

Sometimes I wish my room were really tidy and minimalistic but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m a hoarder who loves knick-knacks too much


I’m not gonna let y’all sleep on this


I’m not gonna let y’all sleep on this

Hi I was wondering if you could tell me which companies were Zionists? I want to actively avoid them.


Well some companies are run by pro-israel CEOs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they fund israeli apartheid. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a proud Zionist but denies financially supporting israel.

Shop within the Shiseido umbrella if you can afford it (Nars, Clé de Peau) or the LVMH umbrella if you can stand it (Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Marc Jacobs, Sephora brand). ACI owns some of my faves: Cargo, Anna Sui, Stila, Fusion. Independent companies like The Balm, Lorac, Hourglass, Chanel, Cover FX, Girlactic, Melt and Sugarpill are some of the best out there.

I avoid Estée Lauder and L’Ôréal, who own companies like M•A•C, Urban Decay, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Lancôme, Clarisonic, Darphin, Maybelline, YSL, Armani, NYX, La Mer, Fresh, and Keihl’s.

I never touch touch anything owned by Nestlé, Coke/Glacéau (Smartwater, Vitamin Water, Dasani, Evian, etc), Proctor and Gamble, Revlon and so forth.

Finally, download the Buycott app, which recognizes tons of bad-news SKUs.

me: republicans and democrats are both useless
dad: yeah, right on
me: both parties are ineffective, minor factional splits within the same general ideology, and their representatives are completely out of touch with the average person's reality
dad: yeah, I guess
me: the only thing that can save us now is absolute revolution
dad: wait what
me: we start by dismantling white supremacy and patriarchal hierarchies, adopting the practice of decolonization, while simultaneously retiring capitalism and private property, and redistributing all wealth and resources
dad: no stop-

"What’s your biggest dream for your child?""We’ll let him dream for himself."

(New Delhi, India)


"What’s your biggest dream for your child?"
"We’ll let him dream for himself."

(New Delhi, India)





Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


Holy shit, Anthony Weiner actually said something important.

It’s a miracle!

That’s been the Republican strategy since day one of Obama’s presidency. Block the President at every turn, then blame him for not getting anything done. In fact, here’s Newt Gingrich openly admitting to it.

That’s why Republicans block jobs bills — so they can blame Obama for the economy still sucking. They’ve blocked budgets, resulting in a government shutdown that they then tried to blame on Obama. They’ve tried over and over again to block Obamacare, and complain that it’s a failure as they work their asses off to try to make it fail.

It’s kindergarten politics, and we need to vote these schmucks out in November. A bunch of white guys throwing temper tantrums and shouting NO! to everything just because they don’t like the president is no way to run a government, especially if we’re going to continue to pretend to be one of the greatest nations on earth.


It’s not hard to see why Mike was thought of as a “gentle giant.” RIP, my brother. #staywoke #neverforget #farfromover


It’s not hard to see why Mike was thought of as a “gentle giant.” RIP, my brother. #staywoke #neverforget #farfromover